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Welcome to Jacquelyn Reiff Pilates & Movement

Jacquelyn Reiff Pilates & Movement offers clinical movement sessions. Jacquelyn's practice is not your traditional movement practice. Her focus is on Corrective Exercise, Rehabilitation, Pre-hab, Preventative Care, Restorative Movement, Pilates and Integrated Functional Movement. Her services serve as excellent therapy for overall health and wellness, as well as, Rehabilitation of Acute and Chronic conditions. Jacquelyn's mantra is MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE!! She has over 25+ years experience, a Master of Science, and is highly educated in Anatomy, Physiology, Musculoskeletal Biomechanics, and Exercise Intervention. She recently Became a Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT®) Lower Body Specialist and will certify in MAT® Spine and Trunk Certification this fall. This will incorporate a hands-on manual therapy approach. Her knowledge and experience allows her to appropriately adapt therapeutic exercises and exercise therapy safely and efficiently based on each client’s individual needs and condition, which brings optimum benefits to her clients.
Your training experience with Jacquelyn is unique because of her personalized care specific to your movement and personal goals. She can assess in detail any current muscle imbalances, posture, and range of motion issues to determine a personalized training schedule that fits your exact needs. Whether you are experiencing pain, working on improving strength, balance, etc, an athlete in competition Jacquelyn can help you reach your goals.
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